Free Advertising Tip: How To Get Free TV Ads For Your Small Business

by Tom Egelhoff

tomproheadshotThe most costly form of advertising is TV.

Nothing else even comes close. So, how do you get your business on TV for free? Here’s one way.

Give a prize or become a sponsor of an event that will be running a lot of TV ads.

For example: Every year we have a Bridal Fair here in Bozeman,Montana.

By donating a prize your company logo appears on all printed advertising and in all TV ads.

You won’t be alone but it’s a great way to expose your company logo and name to a large number of people.

Also consider making a YouTube video. You can make one with your smart phone and embed it in your company web site.

If you are able to afford a TV ad get a copy and upload it to your web site too.

Video attracts customers.