One Way To Tell Where To Place Your Advertising

by Tom Egelhoff

tom_egelhoffSometimes you want to advertise where your competition is and sometimes you don’t. For example you would want to be in the Yellow Pages with your competitors. In some other publications you would like to be by yourself. The question is, “Is there a way to tell if ads in a particular publication are working for those companies that placed them?”

The best way to tell is to pick up back issues of the publication and look at the ads. Go back at least six months or more. If the same companies are still advertising then the publication is probably a good investment. Companies usually don’t advertise in places that don’t work for them.

Tip: Key any ads you place. Put something in the ad that lets you know it produced a customer. It may be a coupon with a small code to let you know which publication it came from. or it may be the offer itself.